Monday, December 9, 2013

Bedtime at Hogwart's (Soon, I Hope)

So, it being almost 3 AM and me still no closer to sleep, I just caved and took some NyQuil KnoQ-Out or whatever it is you take when you're not sick, just inconveniently awake.  Tomorrow needs to be a super-productive day: need to refresh myself on pivot tables (haven't had to pivot anything lately, but it's like riding a bike), and also get back to Jeopardy prep.  If there's one thing life has taught me, it's that opportunity always knocks when all my clean clothes are in the dryer, and since I'm in the pool for at least another year, it's logical to assume that they'll wait and wait, and just when I've finally forgotten every presidential factoid and 1954 Oscar result, THAT's when they'll call.  Nuh-uh.  Not gonna happen.  Brain, stay frosty.

Falling asleep tonight with a new favorite: British History for Dummies.  Being American (and full of entirely too much TV), I admit I'm susceptible to the whole "all British people are brilliant old ex-dons from Oxford, smoking pipes in their two-story oak-paneled libraries" stereotype.  Yeah, it's irrational, but this book is going to do NOTHING to combat my nation-of-Gileses fantasy, because the guy reading it - Jonathan Keeble - is an absolute delight: perfect blend of Masterpiece Theatre and drunk-uncle-telling-saucy-tales-at-the-dinner-table.  The only thing that could possibly be better is if Anthony Stewart Head himself read the book, and if that happened, I would CLEAN UP in a "British History" Final Jeopardy, because I'd never ever take my headphones out.  As it is, I'm enjoying every word, even if falling asleep to an audiobook makes for weird, weird dreams (why am I being chased through my high school by snarling Cavalier King Charles spaniels as a booming voice from above narrates the Glorious Revolution?)

So, enough jabber (you can see why I can't sleep, besides the Jacobites raising so much ruckus).... time to tuck myself back under the covers and have confusing, disconcerting dreams about deadly allergic reactions to Queen Anne's Lace.

A girl can dream.  Soon.  Let's hope.


  1. I just bought that book. I hope you get a kickback. And some sleep. And that job you really want.

  2. Oh my God...I'm Oprah! I'm Oprah! The power! It's miiiiiiiiiine! (licks wall socket, falls down)

    Thanks, hope you enjoy!